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Andrew Monfried <monfried73@...>

Recently, I discovered the real name of my grandmother's family to be DAVIMES >from
revision lists on Jewishgen. It's led me to dozens of new cousins of the Davimes
family that left Joniskelis, Lithuania and is seemingly all over the world now.

For me, it also solved two important mysteries that I have inquired about in this
forum before. One of which was who the rabbi was in a picture my grandmother
kept over many years. That man was Louis Davimes (1875-1949) who according to
another cousin was the Junior Shamos at the Great Synagogue in Johannesburg. He
was also my grandmother's uncle. Now I am hoping to find descendants of his
children who I have been told are Zundel (Sonny), Bella Passman, Bessie Cramer
and a sister named Ada.

If anyone can tell me more of these people or the Davimes in South Africa, I
would be most appreciative.


Andrew Monfried
Dallas, TX, USA

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