Re: History of RR gauge between Lwow & Przemysl #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Yaakov Weiss wrote

Can anyone tell me what the changes were (if any), to the
railroad track gauge between Lwow and Przemysl during the period
of both Soviet and Nazi occupation (1940-1943).

I need to know whether the Nazis converted the Soviet broad
gauge track to standard gauge during their occupation of the GG
Galicia or did they leave it at broad gauge and change wheels in
Przemysl, or use only captured Soviet rolling stock and
locomotives, or some combination of the above?...

from July 1940 the Soviets converted all railroad gauges of the
occupied Polish territories >from 1435 mm to the wider 1524 mm.
This is reflected in a July 12, 1940 secret document prepared for
Stalin by the defence commisar of USSR. This included the
railroad Przemysl-Lwow - see priority list in Table 5

Lwow - Rawa Ruska - 66 km
Lwow-Przemysl - 97 km
Lwow - Sambor - 78 km

In August 1941 the Germans started to convert rails back to the
European standard of 1435 mm, and again, >from May 1944 till the
end of same year, the Soviets converted the rail gauge back to
1524 mm.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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