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Alex Magocsi

After reading the recently published minutes of the inaugural meeting of
the Sub-Carpathia Research Group, I thought I should introduce myself
and why I am interested in this group.

I am Alex Magocsi and have been attempting to draw together basic family
history data regarding MAGOCSI, GROSZ, GREIF and KIRCHGRABER for a
number of years.

My Sub-Carpathia connection is the Grosz root of my tree, for my Great
Grandfather Samuel Grosz was born about 1850 - 1860 in Vynogradiv,
Ukraine, shown as Nagyszo"llo"s in the registry of his death. He died
in Nyirbator, Hungary on 24 May, 1899 and it is assummed that he is
buried in the Jewish Cemetery in that small city.
Nothing more is known about this person.

He married Karolina Greif about 1886; she reportedly was born in 1856 in
Presov, Slovakia (Eperjes). She was the daughter of Benjamin Greif and
Hanna Feuerlicht. She is buried in the Jewish Cemetery in Nyirbator,
having died there on 13 August 1922.

I am hoping to find more bits of data regarding Samuel's ancestry, or at
the least, to learn exactly where he was buried.

I have a very good understanding of their descendents, and also of
Karolina's siblings, in case any of the above sounds familiar to any
other researchers reading this.

Alex Magocsi
York, Maine USA

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