KLAUSNER and AMSTER from Bardejov/Slovakia #galicia

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Siggers,

About a month ago I posted a query about my wife's paternal
grandmother Bina KLAUSNER who married Eliezer(Lazar) APOTHEKER in
Bardejov. My wife's father, David APOTHEKER (1908-1995) was born
in Bardejov though the Apothekers had roots (like many others in
Bardejov) in Neu Sandez (Nowy Sacz). Bina died young before WW1
after delivering 9 children. A few days ago we got the 1895
Bardejov wedding entry of Eliezer Apotheker (son of Saul
APOTHEKER and Lea LANDAU) and Bina KLAUSNER (daughter of Loebl
KLAUSNER and Eszter AMSTER). The bride's side were registered as
residents of Bartfa (Bardejov). The Rabbi? and the witness? were
Tobias PERL and Hermann Klausner respectively. Needless to say
that this new info opens new directions in our research. It
explains why one of the siblings of David, Leo Apotheker, lived
before WW2 in Budapest (I saw in JGFF that there were many
AMSTERs in Budapest). If any of the a/m names are on your lists,
especially Eszter AMSTER, we would like to hear >from you because
AMSTER is new for us.

Thanks in advance.

Jacob Rosen

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