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Lance Ackerfeld <lance.ackerfeld@...>


The "Yizkor Books In Print Project" is looking for about 5 volunteers to
help process images for new books to be published. The volunteers should
have Photoshop or similar software to be able to open PDF files with images,
copy and crop the images of photographs, illustrations, maps and create JPEG
files of the individual images, so that they can be inserted into the text
files by our layout volunteers. If you can devote a minimum of an hour or
two a week to help with this project, please contact Joel Alpert,
Coordinator of the Yizkor Books in Print Project whose address can be found

Background: We are fortunate to have just reached an agreement with the
National Yiddish Book Center in Holyoke, MA and the New York Public Library,
for use of their PDF files of high resolution scanned images of photos and
maps and illustrations of their huge collection of Yizkor Books. This will
insure high quality reproduction of the images >from the original Yizkor

All the best,
Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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