Looking for family #galicia

Ora Barkan <barkano@...>

My mother, Regina GRUND, was born in the village Suchowola
(Sukhovolya now) west of Lvov (12 km). When she was 3 years old
her family moved to the small town Zimna Woda (Zymna Voda)
shortly after the local people burned the village shop they owned.

Her family: father Isaac Grund (for some reason people called
him Mr. Katz), his wife Feiga (Frida) WEINTRAUB and the children
Lushik and my mother Regina.

Feiga's sister stayed in the village of Suchowola and her name
was Kajla and her 5 children - Zejlyk, Zisko, Genyk, Dora and
Hanya. According to the testimony of an old woman >from the
village, probably Genyk survived and was seen in Lvov in 1967.

My grandmother Feiga had a brother named Noah Weintraub and two
sisters who emigrated to the United States before WW2. We have
no idea about their families.

My grandfather Isaak Grund had a brother and sister who lived in
Lvov. Meir Grund had a bakery and had 2 sons Benik and Milek.
The sister of my grandfather had a printing house in the center
of Lvov.

Another sister, maybe the oldest, lived in Russia and her son was
an officer in the Russian army. He came to visit my mother's
family before the Germans took over.

My mother survived and her brother who lives in the United States
- Sam Grund (Lushik).

Looking for any information about the 2 Weintraub sisters'
families in USA.

Looking for any information about Genyk >from Lvov.

Thank you

Ora Barkan

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