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Bill Moskowitz

Dear Group.=2C=0A=
My father is originally >from Pavlovce in Slovakia and he has always told us=
the story that before he "enlisted" in the Russian partisans he worked in =
a Slovakian Labor camp which was under the authority of the Slovakian army.=
He claims that they were able to have kosher food (apparently they pooled =
their pay) and there was a designated person that always went out and broug=
ht in their kosher food. In addition=2C my Dad says that they had their tef=
illin until that group was disbanded and he entered the Russian partisans. =
I have tried locating information about this Labor group/camp unsuccessfull=
y. I am unable to get information >from him as he no longer remembers. If an=
yone has heard of this or can point me in the right direction I would be mo=
st appreciative.=0A=
William (Shmuel) Moskowitz=0A=
Cincinnati=2C Ohio =

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