Subcarpathia SIG #Subcarpathia Hungary 1931, 1940 business directories now searchable #subcarpathia

Logan Kleinwaks

I am delighted to announce the addition of two important Hungarian
directories to the free full-text search engine.

The 1931 Hungary Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture Directory is
especially exciting because of its enormous scope: all of Hungary and
small businesses as well as large ones. At nearly 1000 oversized
pages, typically with hundreds of names each, this is one of the most
comprehensive all-Hungary directories searchable anywhere online. The
original title is: Magyarorszag kereskedelmi, ipari es mezogazdasagi
cimtara / Ungarns Adressbuch fuer Handel, Industrie, Gewerbe und
Landwirtschaft. To restrict a search to just this directory, append
{d1309} to your search term, like this: wigner {d1309}. Otherwise,
with the default options, all 2,000 sources (not only for Hungary)
will be searched simultaneously. Or, you can restrict a search to
Hungarian sources by changing the Any Place option below the search
box to Hungary.

Separate >from searching, you can also browse using the town index
beginning at or the industry
index beginning at Note
that these list page numbers that are roughly 10 less than the image
numbers (so the image at
has the printed page number 461).

The 1940 Hungary Industry Directory, while limited to larger
businesses, is still very useful because of its date closer to WWII
and the greater amount of detail given for many businesses. The
original title is: Orszagos ipari cimtar /
Industrie-adressenverzeichnis von Ungarn. To restrict a search to
just this directory, append {d1310} to your search term. Or, for both
of the above, append {d1309, d1310}.

Search results for these directories link to PDFs with low-resolution
scans of the matching directory pages, sometimes with the matches
highlighted (depending on your PDF viewer and web browser). Above
each low-resolution scan is a link to a high-resolution scan. If you
use the Chrome web browser, note that its built-in PDF viewer does not
handle all PDFs properly; if you have a problem, see

Unlike 99% of the sources I add to, I personally
sought out, acquired, and scanned these. This involved months of
tracking Hungarian antiquarian booksellers, many hours at a suitably
large book scanner, and the critical financial support of both the
Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington and the Jewish
Genealogical Society of Greater Boston. Without the Societies, these
directories would probably not be available, so please let me know if
you have any research successes and I will share the news with them.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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