Subcarpathia SIG #Subcarpathia Subcarpathia SIG Update & End-of-year Donation Request #subcarpathia

Lara Diamond

Fellow Subcarpathian Researchers,

I'm pleased to inform you that due to the donations we have so far and
volunteer transcribers, we have made progress in acquiring and
transcribing records >from what's now Subcarpathian Ukraine.

So far, we have 137 record books of which:

87 record books have been fully transcribed
19 books are in the process of being transcribed by volunteers
31 books (and counting) are awaiting assignment to a volunteer

8395 Jewish vital records were in those 87 books--most of which
contain multiple names.

While this is a great start, it looks like there are nearly 3000 (yes,
3000!) record books available for us, covering essentially *every* town
in Subcarpathian Ukraine. We are still getting more books each week,
but we'll run out of funds well before acquiring all 3000 of those

We could greatly use your donation (and it's tax-deductible for those
of you in the US--so donate now for a 2016 deduction!) to enable us to
get all of these books copied and eventually transcribed. Donations
of $100 and above get you access to transcriptions as they are
finished as well as the frequently-updated list of what we have,
although larger donations are very much welcome. Donations can be
made to the Sub-Carpathia SIG General Fund here:

We can also use additional transcribers to help work through the books
as they're received. If you can read English, you can read these
documents. I will send you instructions which explain what the
various fields are, and the names in Hungarian or Czech (depending on
the year) are in Latin (the same as English) characters. Please let
me know if you're interested. In addition, once you have transcribed
500 records, you also gain access to all transcriptions as they are

I could also use a volunteer webmaster to help update the SIG's
webpage. If you have webmaster experience, please contact me.

We may not have your town yet, but we will. Please don't bombard me
with emails me to find out what towns we have; it's constantly
changing, and we're working to get all of them. And many record books
cover multiple towns, so until they're transcribed, we won't know
exactly which towns are in which record books.

Lara Diamond (Sub-Carpthian SIG Leader)
Baltimore, MD

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