Subcarpathia SIG #Subcarpathia Searching for records of the town of Dubove #subcarpathia

elran dvir <elran.dvir@...>


A branch of my family is form Dubove.
I am looking for records (especially marriage and birth) of Dubove of
the years 1870-1910.
I found records of my family in JweishJen of the1870s, but couldn't
find of the 1890s - the years my great grandmother was born.
I wanted to contact Dubove, but it doesn't have a working website.
Do you know where can I found these records?

Thank you.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Our SIG's project will help to get records >from this
area. Stay tuned for an update to the list later this week or early next
with the latest progress.

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