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Stuart Kaufer

My maternal GF was Samuel Stein who was born in Kiralyhaza. He
emigrated via Canada in early 1900's. He married Roza Friedman who
originated >from Nagytarna, Romania and she came in about 1907. They
settled in Chicago and had 7 children, lived on Grand Ave. Sadly, my
GM died in 1937 in her early 40's. I am in touch with all of my
cousins >from this side of family, and my mother Lillian Stein Kaufer
is the only one of her siblings alive at age 100. Her memory of
family comes and goes.

The purpose of this email is to try to expand family tree on this side
of family. What I know about Sam Stein is that he had 1 sister who
lived in Hawley, PA and married someone w last name Kerner. I do not
know if he had any other siblings left in Europe, don't know my
GGparents names.

Regarding my GM Roza Friedman Stein, I know less. I do know she had a
brother David Friedman who visited in Chicago in 30's but went back to
Europe and was killed in Auschwitz. He had children, one of whom Ida
survived but have never been able to trace what happened w her after
the War. Also, know nothing of other sibs of hers or her parents.

If anyone can help, thank you in advance.

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