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Fellow Ukraine researchers:

All eight of my ggp's emigrated >from Ukraine as married adults and settled
in Philadelphia around 1890. Fairly complete information on their
descendents is available. Here is what I think I know about their sibs,
their ancestors, and themselves. Any additions or corrections would be

1. Mayer WERNICK >from Kiev region. Born in 1857. Was a grocer in Phila. Son
of Rav Abraham Hanan Wernick. Had a possible sister Bessie (Brucha)
SMOLENSKI. Possibly another named Raizel YUROVSKY; and possibly others
named Anna, Vitt'l, and Rachel.

2. Pess'l KRASNOV (or KRAUSS) Wernick >from Stepansy (Stepanitz). Born 1857.
Parents were probably Mordechai and Rebecca KOMARNITSY Krasnov. If so,
Pess'l's sibs were: Baruch Leib, Hinde, Zhata LISHINSKY, Hassie LINETSKY,
KOMARNITSY Krasnov's sibs were Abraham and Itzhak.

3. Louis OISTATCHER (or OSTEICHER, EISTATCHER, etc.). Born 1868 in
Berdichev. Son of Velvul and grandson of Berel >from Kazatin. Was a merchant
in Phila. Louis's sibs were Joseph TATCHER and Shifra.

4. Leah (Lena) BERTINSKY (or BEHRTAN) Oistatcher. Born 1863 in Polonnoye.
Daughter of Abash and Hannah-Sura. Sibs were Fischel, Nathan, Samuel,
Raisel LIPSHITZ, and Aron.

5. Solomon ROSENTHAL >from Kiev region. Born approx. 1854. Son of Yehuda
Laib. May have had a sister who married a man named Weiner.

6. Lena ? Rosenthal. Born approx 1871 in Kiev region.

7. Oser (Herman) GROSS >from Ulodofka. Born 1860(?). Was a grocer in Phila.
Brother Harry was known as "the Vetter". Parents were Samuel and Brondel
MORGALOW, who changed their name to Gross to avoid conscription.

8. Rebecca SPITALNY Gross >from Uladofka. Born 1861? Rebecca's sibs names
were all changed to Gross upon immigration. They were Anna LIPSHUTZ, Bessie
LIPSHUTZ (a case of sisters marrying brothers), Becky DAVIDOW, Cheel,
Chaika, Willy, Rose and Esther ALTOIZ (later remarried to a man named
COOPERSMITH). Rebecca's parents were Morris Spitalny and Lizzie (Hannah
Leah) Altoiz Spitalny. Lizzie also immigrated late in life. Her parents
were Israel Abraham and Annie Altoiz >from Korolevka.

Robert W. Rosenthal

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