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Jackye Sullins may be partly right, but her relatives may have been in
the army later on. My great Uncle Gedalia Leib Kaplan served in the
czar's army for nearly 8 years (drafted after his bar mitzvah and in
until he was 21!!). When recalled to serve in the Russo-Japanese war,
he LEFT (with the financial aid of the balance of the family) to
Canada, later to Minnesota. Once here, he repaid the rest of the
family by bringing the entire mishpacha out of the Ukraine. But he
NEVER said they lived IN Kiev. (Howard Kaplan)
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Jews were allowed to live in Kiev if someone in their family served
in the
tsar's army. Many of my relatives came >from Kiev and St.

Jackye Sullins

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... I've been
puzzled by references to Zhitomir, Radomyschl, Lugin, etc. by
(all now deceased!) family ancestors. One even said the clan came
Kiev, but I learned later that any Jews found INSIDE Kiev's walls
after sundown was as good as dead. Now I hope to learn exactly
the Kaplan clan originated -- and with whom. Howard M. Kaplan,

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