Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Ukraine SIG #ukraine


Congratulations on the Ukraine Sig and many thanks for the wonderful job.

We are researching the names GEFFEN and GUIFAN, ZAVELSKY >from Glukhov,
CHAZANOV >from Nezhin and Sosnitza and CHAIKIN >from Nezhin.

Again, thank you thi is a much needd group......Marjorie Goldberg

Visit Our Family History Site: Click here <A HREF="">Ou
r Family Story</A> or type in
researching: Fajn, Fine >from Bialystock, Chaiken >from Nezhin, Chazanov >from
Sosnitza & Nezhin, Geffen >from Lithuania, Goldberg (Golombek) >from Jablonka
& Zambrow, Poland, Zavelsky >from Glukhov or anywhere.

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