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David M. Bickman <bickmand@...>

Robin Brenner Seidenberg wrote that one of the names she is researching in
the Kamenets Podolsk area is "Bekman/Bekerman". My grandfather, Zelman
Miron Wolfovich Bikman, came >from Nova Ushitsa, a small town near both
Kamenets Podolsk and Letichev. Maybe there is a connection?

David M. Bickman


At 07:50 AM 9/17/00 EDT, you wrote:
Has anyone seen The Road >from Letichev
( by David Chapin and Ben
Weinstock? It is a 2 volume history of the region around Kamenets Podolskiy.
I ordered >from the publisher, iUniverse, but have not yet received. The
website is tantalizing. In the surname list are Brenner (my
great-grandmother was Bella Erlichman Brenner), Vaysman (one of my great
grandmother's sisters was Mirka Erlichman Weisman), and (Bekman/Bekerman
(another sister was Ida Erlichman Beckman). When I ordered, publisher said
it could take 4 weeks.

I'm not at all sure how SIG operates. It seems to be like the old "party
line" phone system. Wish someone would explain its use.

Robin Brenner Bogeaus(<Bogoslowsky) Seidenberg

Researching Brenner, Erlichman-Kamenets Podolskiy (Zinkov, Proskurov);
Bogoslowsky-Stavisht, Katerinoslav, Kiev; Waniewski, Wiersczekivicz-area
around Bialystok (west).


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