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To follow up Suzan Wynne's reply, "The process of name adoption
was governed by regulations. <snip>" to Ervin Spinner's question
"In the late 18th century, when family names were given to Jews
by the Austrian authorities, was the process random with each
shtetl on its own? Or was there some attempt to avoid
duplications >from one town to the next? Some family names are
clearly predominantly found in one town only." I recommend:

A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from Galicia by Alexander Beider:
~ Chapter 1. History of Jewish Names in Galicia, pages 1-16
~ Appendix C The Law About the Adoption of Surnames, a
translation of the July 23, 1787 patent by Kaiser Joseph II,
page 74
~ Appendix D, "Studies on Names" by Karl Emil Franzos, a
translation of the whole text of an 1888 article describing the
procedure, pages 75-80

1787 Decree by Austrian Emperor Joseph at

Bette Stoop Mas

Florida, USA

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