Re: Padew 1900 census #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Ruth Kornbluth wrote
Is there a 1900 census available for viewing for the town of Padew Kolonia
and Padew Narodowa?
Hi Ruth,

1900 census data:

Padew Kolonia - total resident: 510: 252 Roman Catholics. 1 Greek
Orthodox, 10 Jews, 247 others (this was a German colony, must be
Padew Narodowa: total number of residents: 1493: 1470 Roman
Catholics, 23 Jews

On the other hand, note >from the Germans in Galicia forum:

"Padew Kolonia is mentioned in "Special Orts Repertorium v.
Galizien" (Vienna, 1886) as having 62 homes and 392 residents. But
the further statistical breakdowns are interesting. Of these, 187 were
male and 205 female. Of these, 180 were Roman Catholic, 25 Jewish,
and 185 Protestant. Of these, 321 were "Polish" and 67 were
"Germanic". So, although it may have been chartered as a Germanic
settlement, Padew Kolonia certainly wasn't exclusively Germanic"

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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