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Gabriel Coronel <gabo@...>

To whom it may concern:

My name is Gabriel Coronel Traiber; I am looking for information about
surname Traiber.
According to my family history knowledge, part of the family emigrate to
Argentina at the beginning of the twenty century >from a number of
villages in Ukraine (Inguletz,Shirokoye,Krivoy Rog) and >from the city of
Odessa. The other part of the family remains in Ukraine and later on
they emigrate to the U.S.

If you have any knowledge of the origins of your surname or the names of
the villages mentioned sounds familiar to you or your family relatives
you are invited to visit my website at:
Or contact me by email: gabo@...
I would be glad to hear >from you if the information presented is

Gabriel Coronel Traiber

Searching for the surnames: Coronel, Traiber, Propinski, Zaklis,
Zaklios, Bradichansky, Kurdover, Borovinsky, Drucaroff, Dobrusin,

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