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Hello all,
I am sending this query to the Ekaterinoslav Area Research Group as
well as this one, so I apologize if you subscribe to both and therefore
receive it twice.

Here is background of that I know:
My grandfather, Nachum ben Nachman TALALAY, was born about 1856,
in Mogilev, Belarus.
He was married to Riva Ruchel bat Yosel (?), born about 1876, likely in
Mogilev, Belarus, also.
Their children were:
Yankel Moshe ben Nachum TALALAY, born Nov 1876, in Mogilev, Belarus (my
gt. grandfather);
Vishna bat Nachum TALALAY, born in 1882, in Mogilev, Belarus.

Nachum and Riva TALALAY died in a synogogue fire about 1886. After
this, the children (or perhaps only Yankel), went to live with Rabbi
Efraim DISKIN, also in Mogilev.

My problem (and thus will lead to the question) is that my
grandmother, Chiena TALALAY (born in 1914 in Mogilev, Belarus), has told
me that her father came >from Ekaterinoslav. We are trying to piece
together how she knew him to be >from Ekaterinoslav/Dnieperpetrovsk, when
we know >from the Mogilev Crown Rabbinate records that he was born in Mogilev.
We know there was some movement of Belarussian Jews to Ukraine in
this time period. They had made lands available there for settlers. That
possibly Yankel's parents went there after 1882, when their daughter was born.

So, the question:
Does anyone knows of any major pogroms about the time of 1886 when
Nachum and Riva TALALAY died? Perhaps, there is a record of a place or
a synagogue fire. I know most pogroms involved synagogue fires, but if
there are some in this time period in Ekaterinoslav/Dnieperpetrovsk,
then perhaps we can start looking there.

I will apreciate all help and / or suggestions.
Best Regards,
Alicia Jensen
Placentia, California, US

Always searching for:
TALALAY(I) / TAYLOR, DISKIN -Belarus to Michigan, US
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