yiskor book for Stary Dzykow #galicia

Shana Green <charna18@...>

Does anyone know if a yiskor book exists for Stary Dzykow. Or
any site that has information about the Jewish population and its
history >from Stary Dzykow.

Thank you.

Shana Green

MODERATOR NOTE: Search the JewishGen Communities
Database http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/Search.asp
for the town, now called Dzikow Stary, Poland. The JewishGen
Yizkor Book database at
does not list a memorial book for Dzikow Stary, but there is one
for Cieszanow, nine miles away. Other sources of information
for Dzikow Stary are listed at the bottom of its JewishGen
locality page at

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