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<< And it is also true that many Russians always harbored antisemitic feelings
toward Jews even though and sometimes because many Jews or Russians of Jewish
origin (i.e. "non-Jewish Jews") attained honors in science, literature,
the arts, as well as high places in the Soviet government. >>
- - -
it goes and went far beyond this the anti-semites and proproganda - blamed
the jews for many things - that they made up most of the con men , that
they had helped create the peasant abuse of alcohol and were banned >from
owning taverns that served alcohol in the early 1800's - so too were they
banned >from types of real estate ownership - most of these restrictions
seemed to have come about because the serfs who were in midevil situation
- were angry and worries about an uprising were very possible - the
government and the BS of the time scapegoated the jews as usual - that
they kept the peasants down, took advantage of them, ripped them off -
if I recall the serfs were only freed about 1866 which was followed by
the murders of jews across the Ukraine - not large scale pograms. Again
the freeing of the serfs headed off a possible revolt - and again the
kindly govenment which wanted to free them >from thier misery blamed the
jews again for much of the ills they experienced. Of course even wilder
accusations against the jews would come up - such as blood libel
accusations [some of these never went to trial as the jews accused were
simply murdered] also whispers of Jewish plots and manipulation in the
government were popular and grew throughtout the 1800's and early 1900's

As the peasants and serfs were taught to hate the jews - so too the jews
came to hate and resent the peasants. The murders, the robberies, the
pograms, rapes, jew baiting [look it up] the military abuse, the police
demanding bribes - when the military was involved in the pogram your
neighbor and non-jewish fellow townsmen would be right behind the troops
looting jewish homes. It was perhaps not as grim as the picture I paint -
most of the time was business as usual and many jews had friends and
business dealings with non-jews --but to often disaster stuck
if not to them then to a jewish friend,relative or neighbor.

Steve Rivkin

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