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Though my own research and search for family are completed (the story of my
search... and how I was able to locate and be reunited with my grandfather's
entire family... are posted at the Ukraine SIG under "Stories") I enjoy
subscribing to this mailing list because it keeps me "in touch" with others
going through the same thing. It makes me realize the enormity of the
numbers of families separated during the last century because of war and
political strife.

I have not saved back copies of this mailing list, but I did note that there
were recently several postings by somebody researching the GENDELMAN family
name. Perhaps we could share information. My husband's mother was born a
GENDELMAN , and I have some minimal information on her family history that may
be of help. Whoever you were, please feel free to contact me for further

Arlene Gorewitz Boumel
Coral Springs, FL

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