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Coincidentally I'm also looking for PERLMANS >from the Kamenets-Podolskiy,
Ukraine area. My great aunt, Raizel LISNITZER, was married I believe to a
PERLMAN, whose first name I couldn't decipher >from a long ago postcard. I'm
assuming they came >from K-P because that's where she was born. They
perished in the Holocaust, and I'm trying to learn about their final
outcome. Do you know of any PERLMANS who fit this description. I have a
photograph dating back to the 1930's which I can share with you. Thanks.

Evan Fishman

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Hi Yoav,
I wonder if your GOLDENBERGs could be connected to the famous actor
Edward (Emanuel) G. (GOLDENBERG) Robinson. Also, we have PERLMANs >from the
Kamenetz area who might be connected to your PERMANs.

Jeff Knisbacher,
Baltimore, MD area

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