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Lynne Shapiro <lynneshap@...>


My aunt told the story of how her husband, my Uncle Lou, started school
not knowing that his name was Louis. The teacher called out the name
and he didn't answer; he had always been called Labl at home. Also,
someone in a class I attended a year or two ago was named Label (a
Yiddish class, so we all gave our Jewish names). I don't think the name
was uncommon. Am not sure if it's related to Leib or not.

Lynne Shapiro
Western Mass.

On Wed, 8 Nov 2000 13:51:56 -0500 "Mitzi Smetters" <>

Two of my gggrandfathers had the given name of Label or Labe (Label
MICHELSON b. 1820 in Prussia and Labe BOBROV/BABROV of the same
I have not seen this given name of Label or Labe anywhere else. Is
any one familiar with this as a given name? Could it be a title rather
than a name.

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