Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Attention AOL 6.0 Users #ukraine


Dear Ukraine Sig Contributor,

The Ukraine Sig Forum is managed by a computer called a listserver which
receives messages for posting >from our members, allows them to be
read and approved by our moderators and then sends the approved post to
all members of the group.

Our listserver is not able to handle email messages sent to us in MIME,
HTML or Mixed Multipart format.

Unfortunately, America Online Version 6.0 can only send messages in this

If you still have an earlier version of the AOL software on your computer you can use that to SEND posts to Ukraine Sig.

If not, you can use one of the free email services listed below for sending
to Ukraine Sig. You will have to change your Ukraine Sig subscription to
the email address of your alternate email service in order to post to the list >from that email address.

Moderator Ukraine Sig

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