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Microfilms of passenger manifests are stored at several libraries, including
New York City's Public Library. Unfortunately, the manifest for this voyage
is not on the films.

I was in the U.S. Archives (Washington, DC) this week and learned that some
of the steamship lines made additional passenger lists for each trip,
holding less information than the manifest but placing passengers in
alphabetical order -- a great advantage. In going through this source
for the year 1906, I recall seeing one list for the SS Rotterdam.

If you give me her name, and I'm back there, I can take a shot at finding


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From: Hal S. Maggied
Re: Sailing >from Rotterdam

My mom sailed >from Rotterdam on the SS Rotterdam in 1906, but I'm
unable to locate the manifests. She emigrated >from Poryck, Volhynia

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