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Naomi Moderick <naomi_mod@...>

Genealogy does give us a another chance to extend and appreciate our
extended relationships. I have just found some relatives on my paternal
grandfather's side and am getting to know them.

I got a kick out of the cough remedy. I haven't heard the expression
goggle-moggle since I was a little girl. My grandmother >from Zhitomir
would make that for me. There are also other names that my mother's
family used that no one else seems to know. I'm not sure of the
spellings, but a pot roast on the stove was a Zaraza, and fired matzoh was
Preshnitza. I wondered if anyone has heard of these names.

Naomi Moderick, Skokie, IL.

Researching WAGNER and ANNOPOLSKY, ANAPOLSKY >from Zhitomir;
MUDRICK >from Kamenets-Podolskiy; FISHMAN >from Satanov.

Florence Elman wrote:
When my husband developed a cold during our stay, Polina & I
compared cough remedies. She is the only person who knew exactly what I
meant when I said my mother used to make a "goggle-moggle", & to prove
our common ancestry, she proceeded to put one together to ease my
husbamd's throat.

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