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Hello -- I'm new to the Ukraine sig... and new to Jewish genealogy in
general. Up until recently I knew very little about my Jewish roots since my
father died when I was 9. So I'm learning a lot of new things and it can be
overwhelming but at the same time I'm so grateful that the resources are
there and that I am finding part of my identity.

I discovered that my grandfather came >from Kippell, Russia in 1909 via
Noordham through Rotterdam. I believe, now, that Kippell Russia is really
Kupel, Volhynia Gubernia... would anyone have any type of information on this
place? Am I safe to assume that my grandfather emigrated >from Kupel instead
of some other place in Russia?

I'd appreciate any information. Also, if anyone has any information on the
surname WOL please let me know.

Thanks for listening (reading),

H. Chris Wool

Researching: WOL

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