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Steven J. Rosen

To Berdichev researchers:
Previously unknown to me, and I suspect to many of you, there is a yizkor
book for Berdichev, in the form of a special issue of a serial publication.
I obtained it today. It is 65 pages, and seems to include some family
histories, but not so far as I can tell a list. It is in Hebrew, which, to
my shame, I am unable to read. I would like to hear >from anyone who is
willing to play a role in translation. I will be happy to provide copies.
--Steve Rosen, Bethesda, Maryland
Researching ROYZENTUR (Rosenthal) and BABCHUK (Vovchik) in Odessa and

Berdichev Yizkor Book
a special Berdichev issue of
Yalkut Volin: osef zikhronot u-teudot [Anthology of Volynia; collection of
memoirs and documents],
Tel Aviv, 1951
vol. 2, nos 12-13.
In Hebrew
Listed in Bibliography of Memorial Book for Jewish Communities in Soviet
Belorussia and SovietUkraine, in "The Holocaust In The Soviet Union."(1993)

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