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If you know where your grandparents are buried, perhaps you could go to
the Chevra Kadisha for that section (>from that time) and get the records?

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Dear Fellow Ukraine SIG Researchers,

One must remember that documents that are matters of public record
in the
US (& perhaps other countries) are not matters of public record here
Israel. One correction in Steve Rivkin's posting is that it is the
Ministry of the Interior that issues the Death Certificates. The
rabbinate has nothing to do with them. It is marriage licenses that
are responsible for....
I, too,
have applied for my great-grandmother's Death Certificate and spoke
people at the Ministry of Interior. I was told that the original
is never copied but the information that it contains is copied and
sent to
the family member who requests it. If you are not a family member,
need a power of attorney >from the family member to apply for it.
Shalom Bronstein, Jerusalem
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Subject: [ukraine] mandate era death certificates in Israel

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found a

Both my great great grandparents died in Israel in 1924 and the
other in
1925. Its my understanding that these mandate era death certificates
in English. Under the British the only death certificate copy I can
from Israel is an <extract> >from the Ministry of Religious Affairs
issues such certificates. I believe this might be all they have
access to -
but one Rabbi said by writing he was able to get a small bit of
info. They issue these certificates in Hebrew.

I want a photocopy of the orginal certificate which 1] is in English
2] it is said they contain additional info often such as a]last
and b] perhaps names of parents.

Steve Rivkin

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