Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Reaching Out #ukraine


Dear Mark Saul,

Many of us found ourselves in this exact same spot. Contacting relatives who
do not know they are relatives can be disconcerting especially on the
receiving end.
I always included a genealogy chart showing that persons family in relation
to my own. You might also include the statement you made in your query -
"I have lists of names, and even addresses, of distant
relatives in America whom I would like to contact. My
grandparents knew their grandparents, my parents
corresponded with their parents, but time has passed
and I don't know them or their adult children. "

Also include your telephone number and most importantly - a self addressed
stamped envelope (or international postal coupon).
This is what worked for me and I rarely had a problem with anyone questioning
my intentions.

Freya Blitstein Maslov
Morton Grove, IL

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