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Roberta Sheps <roberta_l_sheps@...>

Dear Rhoda,

Are you sure you've got your dates right? As they stand, your
grandfather was 75 when he married your grandmother. Some guy.

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

Rhoda wrote:

Please visit the Ukraine SIG web site
My 80 year old father has asked me to try and trace our family history
and hopefully any living relatives. I have very little info - only that

my Grandfather was born in Odessa approx 1845, was in Russian army,
posted to Belgium in 1915 and then came to UK in same year where he met
and married my grandmother in London approx 1919/20/21. Only thing I
could think of was to send off for his marriage certificate but where do

I go next? Would be grateful for any help.

Rhoda Broider
Researching: Samuel Broider

MODERATOR's NOTE: One good place to begin is to put your surnames on the JGFF at
You can also check to see if there are others looking for those same names.

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