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Doug Cohen <DMCohen@...>

Everybody loves to look at family trees. I've been most successful at
contacting unknown and distant relatives when I've mailed them a family
tree, circling their names and my own.

It's giving them something in advance, so they feel they aren't taking all
the risk.

Be sure to include a SASE, or encourage them to call collect (if you have a
personal 800 number that's good, also)!

Good luck!

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA


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From: "Mark Saul" <>
Subject: [ukraine] reaching out to family

Please visit the Ukraine SIG web site
I need advice about the personal side of genealogy.

I have lists of names, and even addresses, of distant
relatives in America whom I would like to contact. My
grandparents knew their grandparents, my parents
corresponded with their parents, but time has passed
and I don't know them or their adult children.

I would like to make contact, ask about extant documents,
old memories, or traditions. But I don't want to be seen
as invading their privacy.......

Mark Saul
New York, NY

Researching: KAMENIR, RUBENSTEIN: Novograd Volinsky, Zhitomir, Berdichev

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