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While the town of New Square is indeed as close to a Shtetil as one can get
today, and is indeed named after the city of Skver, it is not an actual
transplanted city.
The town of New Square was founded in the 1950's by Grand Rabbi Yaakov Yosef
Twersky, who although was the son of the Grand Rabbi of Skver, actually was
the Grand Rabbi of Kolorash before the war. He actually later lived in
Bucahrest and in Brooklyn, NY before establishing New Square. Since the vast

majority of the original followers of Skver were either killed during the
war or were unable to emmigrate under communism, there are very few members
of this community that actually trace their way to Skver, Ukraine.
Though they have gone back to Skver sevarel times, and recently actually
bought off and are rebuilding the old Schul in Skver, Ukraine -
unfortunately they would not have any lists or other archival matereials
from Skver in the Ukraine.
There are more than one hundred and sixty Chasidic groups named after
towns in Europe, and though they have only limited hard genealogical data,
they often have a very important historical story to tell, especially since
nearly everyone researching the Ukraine probably had at least one Chasidic
Any member who wishes to follow up any particular group should feel free
to contact us at the Institute. We do not charge any fees for helping
researchers. It can however take some time untill we respond.

Abraham J. Heschel

Brandler Institute of Chasidic Thought

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