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Dear Steve:

In my message I did state that "is indeed named after the city of Skver, it
is not an actual transplanted city."

When Grand Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Twersky Skver-Kolorash decided to establish a
"Shtetil" in America, we went to great lengths to ensure that it would
indeed be a faithful replica of an old Chasidic "Shtetil", therefore he
went to great lengths to obtain legal separation >from Spring Valley and even
named after the original hometown of his dynasty. To this very day it serves
as a an model for an original "Shtetil" as nearly all of its inhabitants are
indeed Skvira Chasidim and all are Torah Observant Jews.
While the community is famous for its hospitality to the Religious and
non-Religious alike, and many of its inhabitants commute to Manhattan where
they have wonderful relationships with people outside their group, at "home"
they can raise their children in the identical atmosphere of their

Abraham J. Heschel

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