IAJGS Committee Announcements #galicia

Michael Goldstein

I am pleased to announce that the IAJGS Nominating Committee,
Stern Grant Committee and Achievement Awards Committee have
begun work. Further details about submission may be found on the
IAJGS Website www.iajgs.org

The following are our 2010 Committee Members:

Nominating Committee: This year the IAJGS Annual Meeting will be
electing directors and the Nominating Committee. The committee:
Anthony Joseph, UK chairman
Joel Spector PA, USA; Linda Cantor NY USA;
(The nominating process is spelled out in our by-laws which are
on line at our website www.iajgs.org.)

Awards Committee
Peter Lande, Washington DC USA Chairman
Hymie Reichstein, Ottawa; Canada; Jackye Sullins, CA USA; Anne
Feder Lee, Hawaii USA; Mathilde Tagger, Israel

Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant Committee
Hal Bookbinder CA USA Chairman
Ron Doctor Portland OR USA; Elsebeth Paikin Denmark

Michael Goldstein
president@iajgs.org www.iajgs.org
President IAJGS

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