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Fwd >from Susan King:

Subject: Grand Opening of The JewishGenMall

Just in time for the holidays! WHEW!!!

After dedicating nearly a year to construct our newest offering,
JewishGen's persistent team of Mall managers is very pleased to announce
the grand opening of The JewishGen Mall on Monday Dec 4th, 2000.

We believe we have created a user friendly place for your holiday shopping.
Our mall managers have found books, software and videos of genealogical
interest to tempt you. In the new year we will constantly be adding new
products, so be certain to keep looking in.

We invite all of you to come on in and see the huge collection of the very
books, videos (under construction) and software some of you have been
asking about. The URL is:

To avoid any misunderstandings, it will be helpful to know that the concept
behind launching the JewishGenMall is similar to that of any Museum Shop
you have visited. The intent is simply to generate additional revenue to
continue support of JewishGen projects and services that rely on
our operational budget.

The JewishGenMall will not compete with online "discounters" or other
publishers, or be competitive with the pricing of other e-tailers. We are
presenting another avenue for you to acquire products that will not only
benefit your research, but at the same time provide additional financial
resources for JewishGen.

Over the last few months, you have seen messages >from our Vice President of
Business and Corporate Development indicating that our operational budget
sometimes falls short of our projected needs. You'll also recall that the
operational budget supports all the mailing lists, websites and server
needs that carry the many databases. The JewishGenMall will be an enjoyable
way for you to continue to support JewishGen today and well into the future..

Today you will find no less than 500 products -- >from books to software to
videos -- that cover almost every area of research. And this is just the

In honor of the launch, we are offering at special introductory prices on
some special items and Gift Certificates for the holidays. Make sure you
click on the 'Specials' button today... and look for similar specials each
time you log on to The JewishGen Mall in the future.

There are many exciting new developments on the drawing board for The
JewishGenMall in the future.

Our challenge to you today is simply this. If everyone of the 90,000
unique visitors to our website, the 45,000 submitters to the JGFF and the
15,000 subscribers to the mailing lists made at least one small purchase
every six months >from The JewishGenMall, you will be making a significant
contribution to helping JewishGen help you in your research!

Help us make it happen! Go now to
Please join with us today to celebrate the Grand Opening of The
JewishGenMall and say thanks to the extraordinary volunteer effort of Sandy
and Don Hirschhorn, John Berman and Carol Skydell.


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