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Cheryl Kantor wrote:> "How about taking advantage of everything,
including throwing out the names on the net just to see what happens?"

Cheryl, (and others who are new to Jewish genealogy)

Of course you are correct. But, you will notice that I prefaced my
message by saying "If you are serious about finding your family
history." . . . As we both know, this pursuit is more intense than
a casual "fishing" expedition. The postings to which I made comment
are the ones that are tantamount to the request for "my file" . . . . .
which reminds me.

You might get a kick out of "A Jewish Genealogic Fable" posted to
Jewishgen by one of it's great contributors, Dan Leeson, way back
in it's formative years.

Lois Sernoff <JGLois@...>

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