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Zachary Baker once wrote an article for TOLEDOT - the Journal of Jewish
Genealogy in the early 80's. I responded to his story and added Jewish
Geography "with varying accents." This not only applies to the place
names but to the surnames. Think of how many ways one can say something -
and how many different accents there are - - and how many different ways
you can pronounce the same word or name. As an example, when I found a
census record I was dumbfounded by the name "Erry" listed with the
family. We could not figure this one out because there was no name that
seemed to fit. It was several months later when another family member
remembered that Hershel was called Harry when he was little. So "Erry"
was actually Harry.
This only proves that we have to unlearn spelling and pronunciation in
order to re-learn our heritage in the genealogical world. Be creative and
inquisitive and never accept "no" for an answer!

Freya Blitstein Maslov
Morton Grove, IL

BLIT(Z)STEIN >from Trochinbrod (Zofyuvka), Truvitz (Targowicza), Lutsk,
Rovno, Zhitomer. ROSMARIN >from Miropol, Polonnoye and Chudnow.

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