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Lillian Faffer

Re: Message 2: Ships >from Rotterdam to Canada and travel by rail to US

The US has arrival records for passengers who arrived by train from
Canada. These indexed records are known as The St. Albin records and
provide information similar to the information on a ship's manifest. The
records frequently include the name of the ship, date of ship's arrival
and port of Canadian arrival.
After many years, the Canadian government located and microfilmed the
ships arrival records. Copies of these microfilms are available at
Canadian libraries, and also on inter library loan.
There is a Canadian government website which has more information about
these records.

Lillian Faffer


Message-Number: 2

Is there any list showing ships (or certain lines) sailing from
Rotterdam to Canadian ports in, say, 1905? Was Montreal the ONLY port
for those ships departing Europe for Canada? A recent resource
indicates my ancestors traveled >from the Ukraine (Zhitomir region) to
Rotterdam to Canada and to the US "by train >from Montreal."
TIA for any assistance.

Howard M. Kaplan
Colorado USA

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