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Hello All,

I am at a dead end and I hope that someone out there may be able to help me.
My maternal grandfather was named Maurice (aka Morris) David Kushner. He
was President of the XL Coin Machine Co. in Rhode Island (Cranston or
Providence). He was born abt. 1895. He was married to Gladys Askins.
Together they had four children. Harold, Beatrice, Doris and Frances.

Maurice died August 16, 1944 and was buried August 17, 1944 in Lincoln Park
Cemetery, Warwick, Rhode Island.

I know there are other family members out there somewhere. He may have had
some family members in the Long Island area of NY. I have not been able to
obtain any information regarding his parents names or any other information
which might lead to discover his background. He or his family supposedly
emigrated >from somewhere in or about Austria (probably on the borderlands of
the Pale).

I know that there are many other Kushners out there and I am hoping that
someone out there will find this information rings a bell and possibly forms
a connection.

Please reply privately. All help is appreciated as no other relatives
remain and I have exhausted resources to date.


David Donn >from Seaside, OR

DUNN/DONN/MIZANSKY, MISSAN (>from Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania) BUCHMAN
(Lithuania, Belarus), KUSHNER (>from Austria, Belarus, Ukraine) ASKINS,

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