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David R. Brill <dbrill@...>

I would like to announce the addition of two resources to the Tuchin
(Volhynia) ShtetLinks site:

1. You can now view a map showing the area around Tuchin and Kripa
(Holyngrod) in great detail. This map is >from the period of World War I and
shows the names of towns, villages, and various other geographic features in
Polish. Shows many landmarks and topographic details. Also ...

2. Polish Business Directory for Tuchin (1923). Database of names that
appear in the 1923 business directory for Tuchin and 11 nearby villages.
Information includes last name, first name (usually just the initial) and
type of business.

I encourage you to visit the site and make use of these resources. The
Tuchin web page address is:

David R. Brill Cherry Hill, NJ USA
Researching: ZEITCHIK, LIKHTER in Tuchin; LEVI, SHEPSIS in Berdichev,

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