Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: missing New York City vital records #ukraine

theentins <theentins@...>

Many births and some marriages were never recorded in New York City
especially during the late 1800's. People just didn't bother to report them
to authorities. Many children were born at home and not in hospitals and nor
with the aid of doctors. The birth of my grandmother and two of her brothers
born in New York's lower east side in the 1880's were never recorded.

Jeffrey S. Entin
Fall River, MA


ENTIN, Minsk, Belarus; BERLYAVSKY, Pereyaslav and Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine;
PERCIKOVICH (HORVITZ), Butrimonys, Lithuania; BUBELSKY, Prienai, Lithuania;
LEVIN, Vilnius, Lithuania; SCHILANSKY, Mariampole and Siauliai, Lithuania;
LIPSCHITZ, Kaunas and Vilnius, Lithuania; UCHEVITZ, Vilnius, Lithuania,
KABATCHNICK , Lithuania; FALK, Lithuania

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