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Forward >from Carol Skydell of JewishGen:

Subject: For those of you who have AOL ver. 6
From: "Carol Skydell" <cskydell@...>
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AOL 6.0 does not support the plain text format required in posts to any
of the SIG or Research Group mailing lists hosted by JewishGen, For those
who have already downloaded ver 6 and ignored warnings to keep an older
version still installed, there is a workaround available.

1. Logon to AOL and go to either of the following sites to download a
full service browser --
Netscape: <>
Microsoft: <]>
Install the new browser and create a shortcut to it to place on
your desktop.

2. Sign on to AOL and launch whichever new Web browser you have
installed. Go to the AOL website by typing into the
URL field.

3. Sign in with your AOL screen name and password. Click on Mail.
You will then be able to submit messages using AOL's "AOL Anywhere"
service, which still uses the plain text format.

If you have any questions about this method of reaching us or any
questions related to AOL, please direct them to AOL's technical support
staff. JewishGen does not have the staff to address technical issues
regarding AOL.

Carol Skydell
VP Operations, JewishGen

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