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Dear SIG members,

MAZELTOV! Today marks the day that ONE THOUSAND members are officially
subscribed to our SIG!! Now, with such an auspicious enrollment, we should
really be able to move forward in our endeavours ... but none of that will
be possible without your direct input! I'm using this "red letter day" to
emphasize some very important points.

First, this is a reminder to all of you [and a pointer for beginners],
that JewishGen already has a site on which surnames & towns should be
listed -- the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF). If you have not already
done so, please make sure to submit your ancestral towns and surnames
to the JewishGen Family Finder at:
Make sure that you use the search function often so that you can check to
see if anyone "new" has entered their data as well. It may match yours!

Bobby Furst's *name/town/gubernia list* will probably be an excellent
reference aid that can help our coordinators determine which towns are
of the most interest to our members. As such, it could prove very
instrumental in directing us in our research projects, and finding
material that serves our research needs. However, since it costs a
lot to maintain each individual webpage on the JewishGen site, it
won't be uploaded on the site, as this would be a duplication of the
function that is already served by the JGFF.

It seems appropriate at this point to remind all of you that the data
and maintenance of the JewishGen site is an incredible resource, but
it doesn't just "happen". Everything worthwhile comes at a cost.
JewishGen needs your financial backing to ensure that we can bring
you the kind of information that you want to see available for your
research. Please become a contributor towards our common goals, and
visit our JewishGen-erosity site at:

Without your generous donations, we cannot provide the services we do!

Don't forget that we also have the JewishGen Mall at
You can find some very interesting genealogy resources & purchase them
online. The proceeds are used to maintain & add to the associated sites
that are kept up by JewishGen volunteers.

And last, but definitely not least, ... speaking of volunteers ......
Someone reminded me of the expression more or less translated as "lots
of foot soldiers, but no chiefs"!

I have, on several occasions, asked for active volunteers to undertake the
leadership of individual gubernias. This was not merely a "wish list".
Ukraine covers a LOT of territory! There's so much that we want to
uncover and make available. Only Podolia, Chernigov & Poltava have the
required Research Coordinators to date. I hope that you realize that
means that only those gubernias have representation able to pursue
research for their areas. NONE of the others have active spokespeople
to ensure that you will receive anything >from those provinces. If you
are interested in Kiev, Kharkov, Kherson, or Volhynia, please VOLUNTEER
today to LEAD research projects for those gubernias. It won't be done
otherwise!! Without Coordinators to provide the incentive & guide our
"foot soldiers", there can be no forthcoming data available >from these
areas. The spirit of JewishGen is sharing; a lot like "giving away a
smile" .... you receive something back for your efforts!!

Bobby's gesture was in the right spirit. Most important, let's have
volunteers step forward to lead our troops into unexplored territory!!

My email Inbox can take it! I'd like to hear >from you today!

Florence Elman
U SIG Coordinator

I am volunteering to do some data entry of the SURNAMES and TOWNS that
you are researching which can then be turned into a database for listing
on our SIG web page.
I will enter the data by Gubernia. So, send me the Surname, Town,
Gubernia that you are researching and your name and contact information.
Bobby Furst

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