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Roberta Sheps <roberta_l_sheps@...>

Mark Saul wrote:

The northern shore of
the Black Sea was colonized by Greeks very early. I have tried in vain to get information on this, other than some bits and pieces >from linguistic
maps or historical atlases.

Does anyone know if there was a continuous Greek community in the Southern Ukraine >from ancient times? Or was the colonization more recent?

Dear Mark,

When you say "historical atlases", have you included Professor Paul
Robert Magocsi's "UKRAINE: A Historical Atlas"? He does say a bit about
Greek colonists >from Miletis establishing colonies along the Black Sea
Coast in about 250 BCE, and later (after 63 BCE) forming a
Greek-Scythian-Samartian civilization in the Bosporus area and the whole
Crimea and other cities on the northern coast under Rome that lasted at
least until 250 CE.

Later on in the book, he says that the Black Sea Greek cities survived
the waves of invasion between 250 and 600 by the Goths, Huns, Avars,
Bulgars and Chazars, and continued with Byzantine protection until the
11th century.

In the nineteenth century there apparently were still a few Greek
enclaves in the Crimea and further east, in Katerynoslav (his spelling),

He lists a number of sources at the back, but these are all either in
Ukrainian or German. I don't know what kind of response you'd get, but
you could try writing him directly and asking for names of more detailed
references in English. He is Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the
University of Toronto.

Good luck,

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

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