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Ron Goldman

Hi Florence,

I can't speak to Anshell's, but owning Inns and being in the liquor
business was "permitted" to Jews at that time, so it's possible that
the owners were "connected" to your family, or at the least, certainly
sympathetic to Jews.

In my family, 'so the story goes', we owned the Inn either closest to,
or adjacent to, the railroad station in Proskurov. Rail travellers having
business to conduct in Proskurov stayed there, and I understand that
we also had a ranch/farm on which they raised and grew whatever
provisions were required to supply the Inn. Another part of the 'legend'
says that during tumultuous raids, the non Jewish foreman, who ran the
ranch for the family, hid the children and women in a potato cellar.

Ron Goldman, FL.

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