Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Thank you from JG Lost n Found #ukraine

Diane Frankel <dlfrankel@...>

JewishGen's Lost n Found Support Desk is very grateful for ALL of the
JewishGenners who volunteered to make phone calls to researchers who are
listed on JGFF but who have not updated their e-mail address and therefore
cannot be contacted by other researchers. The call for volunteers out of
the United States, saves not just time, but money.

Thank you so much. You are all so kind.

PS. Perhaps there are still many of you out there who have changed your
ISP's and have neglected to update and MODIFY your data on JGFF.

JewishGen LostnFound Support Desk
Diane Pressman Frankel


We're sorry, there is no secretarial staff at any of the
JewishGen programs to make changes to any subscription on your behalf.
This is something you are expected to do yourself.

To change your e-mail address:
If you still have access to your former e-mail address AND
from THAT ADDRESS ONLY send an e-mail to:

and say:

set (listname) email=and type your new e-mail address

In place of the word "listname" insert the list to which
you belong, if you belong to more than one list, type the
same message again. NOTE: there is no space on either side
of the=sign

If you no longer have access to your old address, the
simplest way is to go to the online system and enter an
Unsubscribe order >from the old address and then enter a
Subscribe order >from the new address.

For any of the SIG or Research Group mailing lists, the URL is:

To change your e-mail address in the JGFF the URL is:
Select the MODIFY icon. You will need both your
password and researcher code to make any changes in
the JGFF

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