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Leonard Markowitz <priluki@...>

I am aware about alien registration during and after 1940,
but my grandmother died in 1937, in Philadelphia, after
living in this country for 29 years. She was never
naturalized and never even spoke English.

My ongoing communication with the INS has not resulted
in success, as yet. However, I'm still pursuing this, since
I can't believe that a woman lived for 29 years in this
country and that the INS has no record of her existence.

I have researched the usual sources such as marriage
certificates of her children as well as her death certificate,
passenger list and immigration card. I still do not know
her maiden name and not knowing that prevents me >from
tracing her in her native shtetl.

I will again review information >from the ethnic banks in
Philadelphia. I feel certain that one or more of her sons
pre-paid and arranged for her passage to Philadelphia in

Len Markowitz

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