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Joel Bressler <nefesh2@...>

I noticed Dr. Craig Hillman's name on a message on the UkraineSIG last
week. I have been trying to get in touch with him about my British
genealogy problem. Would someone please get me his e-mail address?
Thanks. Joel Bressler

Joel Bressler and Shirley Waxman

Moderator's Note:
Anyone wishing to find a "back issue" can do the following:

from the Jewishgen home page
in the Research Category click on Databases which takes you to

In the General Category, third one down is the Sig Archives.
When you get there just set the drop down box headed "all
sigs" to where you can select Ukraine. Put nothing in the
search field and all the messages will come up in batches of 100
I think...
but they do start with the most recent one first unless you set
the search to show them in forwards order.

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